Transformative Grant Writing Program

Empowering artists to fund their projects.

This program is for you if you are:

The Arts.Co.Lab Transformative Grant Writing Program is designed to mentor a cohort of Artists on the proposal-writing process with a practical approach to the creation of community-based art with Clarity, Focus, Ease, and Grace.



Enhancing your understanding of California’s arts and culture funding ecosystem.


Developing practical skills to apply for grants,  fellowships, residencies, sponsorships, and partnerships.


Learning how to incubate your project with the support of an artist network.


Grounding your funding narrative in programs led by and tailored for historically under-resourced. communities.


Writing proposals to create and present work centered around community involvement.

Inspiration isn’t something you wait for, it’s something you work for.


Sliding Scale

$750 to $1400

Dependent on your income level.

Initial Payment


Due upon acceptance.

We want artists who traditionally might not have have access to grant writing training to participate in our program. We can support participants in creating financial clarity, and in specific cases applying for funds that can help pave the way to accessibility and participation.


Arts.Co.Lab is a BIPOC led and centered space and everyone who can commit to the required commitments is encouraged to apply.

Go to our Calendly, and schedule a 30-minute exploratory call:

We are committed to supporting artists in getting through the bureaucracy of the system, we are looking forward to supporting your vision, let’s talk!